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Headache Be Gone

I didn’t really want to pop a pill
I thought I’d kick the headache
with sheer will

This second day my will has failed
to touch it
I’m ready for the pill, just watch
me clutch it

Now down the hatch
Headache be gone
you’ve met your match

This second day is mine
just watch me shine

I’ll even stand up front
while I perform
My poetry will be
the perfect storm

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 10-16-2014

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Serenity, serenity,
you are my friend today
as we sit here sipping coffee
and watch the squirrels play

The early morning sunshine
is lovely on the plants
with magic back-lit edges
and a breezy bit of dance

Serenity, serenity,
come stay with me a while
with intoxicating beauty
my heart can’t help but smile

Some easy conversation
till our beverages are gone
Then a silent meditation
with a terminating gong

Serenity, serenity,
how great to start the day
With love and quiet prayer,
is there any better way?

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 6-18-2014

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Eleanor May (I Miss You Mom)

Just one more slice of quiet time
Can I help you with your shower?
Can I read another Country story?
Can I have just one more hour?

And then I’ll trim your fingernails
        put powder on your feet
I’ll microwave a ripe banana
        that you love so much to eat

Let’s go out for a little walk
        and breathe some cool fresh air
Then perhaps a cup of coffee
        and some popcorn if we dare

I took for granted all these times
        and sometimes hurried through
Those little visits, one by one
        when it was only me and you

If life just had a redo button
        if I only had that power
I’d knock again upon your door
        and I’d ask for one more hour

Oh, I promise I’d be present
        wholly with you in the Now
I would listen to you from my heart
        to the Love in you I’d bow

Instead I’m left with memories
        that reappear each day
So many moments speak your name
        I love you, Eleanor May

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 7-7-2012

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Nourish my Spirit
     on a Saturday morn
Healing my feet
     soft sandals worn
Coffee beans ground
     and newspaper found

Water the plants
     displace the ants
Delicate laundry
     hang it to dry
Feed the birds and
     watch them fly

Sweet notes abound
     I love the sound

I’m safe in my nest
     and feeling blessed

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 6-30-2000

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For Naught

The sweet little girl has slipped away
No more her happy, squealing play
Chatter, laughter, disarming smile
A healthy childhood all the while
…I thought.

The sad young woman is crying today
Her ther’pist says it’s the only way
The path of healing is tough and steep
And pills are needed to help her sleep
…she’s caught.

This mother wonders and questions why
And whether to intervene, should I?
Regrets and shame may fill my soul
But all my guilt won’t make her whole
…it’s for naught.

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 5-12-1993

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There’s Hope

the infant male
with demanding colic
stands before me now
his cigarette poised
before the match
and he says
this treatment program
is good — they’re tough
these are veterans

then we talked more
and became real and
had tears in our eyes

i love you infant male
my adult addict son
there is yet hope

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 11-11-1990