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The Journey

If I’m gonna die
let me finish this cry
but tell me why
it’s been so sly

It snuck up on me
I was feeling free
came out of the blue
“I’m gunning for you”

“You’re very healthy”
announced my doc
but I see his words
were just a crock

I know I’m not the first or last
to learn good health is in the past
there’s only one thing left to do
embrace the journey that is true

©Jeannie M Myers ~ 10/20/2018

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Banishing Lymphoma

I’m growing so very tired
and I’m yelling ‘cancer you’re fired’
let my immune system be rewired
and spare me 6 months of time expired
I don’t know if chemo will work
I’m not a fool or a naïve jerk
Just kill ’em all, even those that lurk
in darkest recesses where they smirk
I have to believe I’ll pass this test
and make the climb to the healing crest
again someday I’ll feel my best
and earn a place where I can rest

©Jeannie M Myers ~ 10/17/2018

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In a world so crowded
with information and noise
I crave silence
and poise
In a world so full of
crowds and small talk
I crave solitude
and a walk
In a world so lacking
in compassion and care
I crave justice
that’s fair
In a world so filled
with chaos and angst
I crave peace
Is there still a chance?

©Jeannie M Myers ~ 6/10/2018

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Ode to Introverts

Oh spare me
the abundance
of so many spoken words
ideas, noises gushing out
like lava from a crater

I’ve reached my limit
and it’s time to be alone
to go inside for a while
till the noise subsides and
be where silence is greater

I need to renew and refill
my introverted soul
to be ready for words
and sounds and noise
I’ll rejoin you all later

©Jeannie M Myers ~ 6/10/2018

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What’s His Name?

This might sound like a blaming game
I’ll even tell you what’s his name
He rules my life too much of the time
and adds more tasks to those that are mine

Often he causes me to be late
even when it’s such an important date
In my cluttered life he seals my fate
and all I manage to do is berate

So what’s his name you ask of me?
Is this another victim spree
or something I’m not willing to see
and will I ever finally break free?

An ongoing challenge that’s coming due
I’ll give you his name now, just for you
My protagonist friend, I’ll tell you who
is that tricky dick who makes me blue

Professor Crastinate
Procrastinate for short

©Jeannie M Myers ~ 5/30/2018

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In the End

Stir up the kettle
let’s see the metal
and what it contains
alongside the stains

corruption galore
secrets, lies, and more

Stripping our lives
with their greedy knives
stealing our health
to increase their wealth

Can we ever retire?
cope with the fire?
how foul is this air?
they don’t even care

I did not choose this
and I won’t kiss
all those in power
not ever, no hour

I’ll resist till I die
I’ll scream and I’ll cry
In the end they can’t win
with their inhumane sin

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 2-20-2018

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Still Grieving

Some part of me is still dead.
It died on June 14, 2009.
I held her hand till it lost
its color and grew cold.

Some part of me still cries.
Each time I see a happy mom
with her joyous daughter
I remember Linda.

Some part of me feels done.
What’s left for me in a world
with no Linda and
no laughter?

Some part of me has hope.
I hope that before I die
I will discover again how
to love unconditionally.

I hope that before I die
I will regain the capacity
to let my love fly.

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 4-24-2017

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Elusive Comfort

Comfort, comfort, where art thou?
Can’t seem to find it anywhere now
Each day brings news that makes me cry
Each night brings dreams we’ll soon all die

I search within my knowledge stores
and wisdom found on many shores
No answers arise from near or far
Guess I’ll just go eat a candy bar

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 2-22-2017

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I knew him once
a long time ago
in a previous life
at least it seems so

I do have memories
both pleasant and not
and much of our time
together I’ve forgot

A mixture of joy with
some ugly thrown in
never did we lose
and never did we win

A partnership that
never should have been
just a rebound thing
but I didn’t know then

It ended with confusion
and excruciating pain
I wondered if I’d ever
get rid of the stain

In the world’s big picture
was he a fine human being?
I still do not know
will time aid my seeing?

Yes, I knew him once
a long time ago
I learned he just died
I’m glad that I know

Perhaps now I’m able
to gain closure ’bout him
and now that he’s buried
all the memories will dim

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 12/28/2016

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Object of Love

Did you ever fall in love with a chair?
Go ahead and admit it, if you dare
Have you ever sat in one so fair
that it supports you everywhere?

Did you ever fall in love with a chair?
If you tell the truth, will people stare?
or does it matter do you care
is this the secret you won’t share?

Did I ever fall in love with a chair?
I must confess this truth I bear
my new recliner and I are a pair
it MUST accompany me – everywhere!

but it doesn’t fit in the trunk……….

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 12/18/2016