Poetry by Jeannie Myers

Over the years, especially during highly emotional periods of my life, I’ve turned to writing poetry as a way of coping.  For a decade beginning around 1979 I was raising teenagers who acted out in various self-destructive ways. I learned about addiction and saw my teens go through cycles of rehab, recovery, and relapse. In 2009, after my adult daughter had suffered for many years with injuries, chronic pain, diabetes, and addiction, she took her own life. My writing became raw and grief-filled. In more recent times my life path has taken other challenging turns including lymphoma (now in remission) and loss of our home in the Camp Fire. With recovery, my writing style has shifted again.  Always, it’s been a genuine healing experience to sit down and let my internal muse take over, while I write the words of a new poem.

Here I’ll share with you some of my original poetry spanning years from 1979 to present day.