Open Mic Videos

One of the “best-kept secrets on the Ridge” is the Wednesday night “Open Mikefull” at Norton Buffalo Hall on Chapel Lane in Paradise, CA.  Since early 2015 I have videotaped performances on most Wednesdays and posted videos on Facebook and YouTube.  There’s been a learning curve for me as I had no experience with videotaping, and various equipment upgrades were necessary along the way.  I thoroughly enjoy watching/hearing and taping performances by so many talented folks – it’s become one of the high points of my week!  We encourage musicians, acapella singers, poets, and comediennes of all ages.  The group is a supportive, caring community and a “safe space” for beginners and experienced performers alike.

After I edit the raw videos and get them posted online, my satisfaction is complete.  I’ve learned that most performers value the visual feedback provided by the videos, plus the comments posted by other group members.  It’s a win-win situation for all of us!

I’ve assembled an unlisted YouTube playlist where you can view a sampling of Open Mikefull videos.  Also, if you wish to explore the Open Mikefull group on Facebook, you can search “Open Mikefull in Paradise” and learn more details.

jam session
A spontaneous group jam session of “We Shall Be Released”