Jigsaw Puzzles

Huh? Jigsaw puzzles, she said? Yes! I’ve discovered that assembling jigsaw puzzles is a relaxing, centering, challenging, fun pastime. In early 2017 I enticed my husband to join me in working with one particular puzzle that I’d had for a long time. Well, since then this has become a frequent activity of ours, working together on one of our new puzzles for hours and hours. We started with 500-piece puzzles and graduated to mostly 1,000-piece ones with a couple 1,500 piece puzzles in the batch. Our collection of beautiful puzzles exceeds 60!

When we finish one, I photograph it and post it in my album on social media. Then we take it apart, put it back into its box, and place it on one of the jigsaw puzzle shelves to be reassembled sometime later.

I’ll show you some of our favorites in a gallery!