RIP: Honoring Linda

The biggest tragedy and upheaval in my life was the death of my 42-year-old daughter in June of 2009. Our expectation is that daughters and sons will bury their parents – NOT the other way around – and the universe feels totally upside down when it happens in reverse.

Time is a great healer. So is good therapy, love of family and friends, and allowing the internal grief to be felt and expressed. I still miss her, of course, and I wish she was here beside me as a healthy, breathing, vital human being. But I trust that on some level we are not apart at all, and I will see her again someday. My life has moved on – lifted and transformed in so many ways by my daughter’s life and death.

On this page I’m honoring the life of my daughter Linda, aka Pretty Rainbow Woman. I’m sharing a link to because so much about Linda is revealed there in the comments made by her family and friends.

Beyond that, I will simply share a few photographs.