These are some of my favorite websites:

  • Myersware | Technology and more
    Small software development company that builds software for custom projects, including building my Genie With Design website.
  • Paradise Hearing & Balance
    An exceptional clinic with one simple goal: to help you hear better. They offer comprehensive assistance in navigating the challenges of hearing loss.
  • Shiny Little Blessings (an Etsy shop)
    Sabine’s shop is all about craftsmanship, quality materials, and personalization (with positive reviews from 1000’s of happy customers!)
  • Something Cool
    This is the right Technology company to make doing business easier. With its highly-trained and certified staff of engineers, Something Cool has been helping clients in Education, Healthcare, Banking and other small and medium-sized businesses for 17+ years.
  • Standing in Balance
    Earlene Gleisner, author, RN, and Reiki master offers her blog insights, publications, Reiki classes and jewelry, and more.