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It’s Time

It’s time to get off
my sad pity pot
face up to the fact that
this is what I got

Whining and crying
won’t help me one bit
and the day has arrived
to own and admit

The serenity prayer
has nailed it just right
some things to accept
some things we must fight

And wisdom comes
with seeing the choice
of when to speak up
with a loud clear voice

And when to surrender
to a much higher plan
the one that’s in charge
all over this land

My heart knows what’s best
and my mind fights its fight
but maybe it’s simple
just follow the Light

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 11/26/2016

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In the Meantime

It seems to blur together
this tapestry of life
events of hate and violence
cut through us like a knife

The fabric that’s been woven
is dark and dense indeed
so many people cry at night
they’re hopeless in their need

Our leaders seem oblivious
so long as they’ve got theirs
can anyone transform the scene
it seems that no one dares

I pray the day may soon arrive
when we will see relief
and the world will find a better way
for Love is my belief

In the meantime that we live in
yes in the here and now
while I shed a tear for every soul
to the Love in each I bow

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 9/20/2016

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I’ve been digging through the albums
of my photos long ago
inviting all the memories
of family that I know

I grieve the ones who left too soon
the ones who stole my heart
and time has gentled some of this
but sadly we’re apart

And others left when years were long
their age made life complete
I feel some sadness deep within
but still it’s bittersweet

Oh, I could sob and not let go
of Life’s immutable way
but exactly how it all played out
makes me who I am today

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 5/25/2016

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Growing Older

Growing older I do not like
It’s harder to take a simple hike
I can’t even find my 10-speed bike
       It’s buried behind
       recycle bags

Growing older can make me cry
watching loved ones up and die
It seems I’m always wondering why
       but life moves on
       the years fly by

Growing older still lets me dance
a little slower, but I’ll take a chance
So many things, the years enhance
       and I’ll proudly wear
       my plus-size pants

Growing older may lift me high
I’ll see new things, I’m gonna try
There’s a lot to live before I die
       I’ll experience it all
       just watch me fly

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 4/20/2016

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Reality by the Hour

2:00 PM:
Isolating in my room
I can sense impending doom
The sky is falling I am sure
for all the evil there’s no cure

3:00 PM:
I step outside and breathe some air
and smell the flowers in my care
Sunshine and a sky of blue
transform my fundamental view

4:00 PM:
So what’s illusion, which is real?
I seek a way this split to heal
Reality’s shifting by the hour
and tricks me with its schizo power

6:00 PM:
The human that I’m born to be
has inbred limits on what I see
but hidden within my soul I know
the true reality, just let it flow

9:00 PM:
Relaxed and fed, I’m feeling free
The night is safe, it’s meant to be
I listen deep inside and hear
You’re one with all, no thing to fear

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 4/15/2016

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This Ache

where oh where did it even come from
this attitude of mine that feels so glum
it colors my days and haunts many nights
with fearful images, scenes of fights

this ache in my heart I don’t recognize
and I keep hearing pain in these desperate cries
I look for the unity that feels so lost
among figures gone dark and quick to accost

our world’s gone crazy it’s now plain to see
and it’s deadly for you and deadly for me
is there still a pathway out of this mess
I plead and I pray the answer is yes

oh what would it take to end all the hate
and the violent acts so common of late
we can’t fix the world, but inside we must try
to grow and spread love, at least you and I

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 3/20/2016

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That Smile

Here’s that corner where I saw you last
turning your car, disappearing so fast
you waved goodbye with your great big smiles
heading toward home those 100–plus miles

32 & Bruce Road will never be the same
I can’t drive through without hearing your name
your smile lives forever in my memory banks
that moment of joy for which I give thanks

I had nary a clue of what was to come
no idea at all that so soon I’d go numb
then I cried and I wailed such a desolate song
for a single week later, your young life was gone

That smile was the last one you gave to me
that moment in time when our love was so free
we never can know when a life will be done
we must relish these moments with every loved one

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 2/20/2016

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Oh what’s this malady
what’s this pain
when the day’s activity
starts to wane

My mind’s awake
with thoughts and worry
waiting for sleep but
there’s no hurry

An hour later
I’m restless now
just shut it down but
I don’t know how

Two hours gone by
oh tell me please
when sleep will come
my mind will ease

Fading a little with
restless dreams
nothing is ever
just what it seems

I glance at the clock
it’s 4 a.m.
oh, sleep’s embrace
I need it, damn

Too soon it’s morning
and the sun has rose
but not for Jeannie
NOW it’s time to doze

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 2/17/2016

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Seasonal Fog

In the winter I’ve learned bears hibernate
but I still see deer as they try to mate

Appearance of blossoms is much more rare
plants are asleep like they don’t really care

Even with heat I’m chilled to the bone
gotta save energy here in our home

I sit in the morning with a cup of coffee
gazing out the window and trying to see

But the fog in my brain makes everything slow
I wanna’ hibernate, don’t wanna’ press ‘go’

Blame it if I must on seasonal fog
while I lay around here like a tired old dog

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 2/6/2016

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I Can’t Tell

I cannot tell for sure what’s true
nor what is right or wrong to do
It seems no matter how I try
I’m always left to wonder why

I still can’t tell for sure what’s right
nor decipher what is black or white
I always thought by now I’d know
through my intent to learn and grow

I still can’t tell for sure what’s real
nor recognize what’s meant to heal
Sometimes a death sneaks up on me
I’m left to grieve, how can this be?

Oh, will there ever come a day
when I can see the natural way
and move beyond what’s wrong or right
and embrace my path without a fight?

Oh, will there come some peace of mind
when a higher light has clearly shined?

And maybe things will all make sense
only when it’s all past tense?

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 6-3-15