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Home Maker

Homemaker, homemaker, housewife or slave? 
The rating was mighty low that I gave

Lots of my attitudes have shifted by far 
ever since escaping in my tired old car

Trial by fire or something like that 
I seem to have 9 lives, maybe I’m a cat

Making us a home each hour of the day 
making things lovely but smart all the way

A home maker proud is what I am now 
for Life knows the way and I’m learning how


©Jeannie M Myers ~ 10/7/2019

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Any Thing Can Happen

Any thing can happen now
The moon can jump over the cow
The millionaire could call tonight
Fifty wrongs could make a right

Yes, any thing can happen now
My head could fall off when I bow
My car might operate upside down
My face might freeze next time I frown

Yes, any thing can happen now
Cancer came I don’t know how
Healing me was my desire
But our home was stolen by the fire

I’m happy to learn I’m still alive
Lymphoma’s gone, thank God I’ll thrive
Our brand-new home’s a gift divine
Any thing can happen in this world of mine


©Jeannie M Myers ~ 6/27/2019

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Patience, Yes?

One more change of address blown
Another error, loud I groan
I did it once, it didn’t stick
Repeating efforts make me sick

I told them that I moved again
I even noted where and when
But Triple A has botched it all
I need to make another call

Then SSA and Medicare
Can’t risk mistake, don’t even dare
But sure enough they got it wrong
Thankfully I heard the gong

Patience Jeannie, yes I say
We’re human every single day
Forgive myself and others too
Even when it’s wrong they do


©Jeannie M Myers ~ 6/26/2019

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The Plea

Perpetual shopping 
with no sign of stopping 
my bank account’s dropping
but still more I’m needing

So tired of it all 
I feel ready to fall 
or crash through a wall
my psyche is bleeding

Lord give me a break 
much more I can’t take 
asleep or awake
my hope is receding

I’ve got the Camp Fire blues 
right down to my shoes 
rise up if we CHOOSE
just hear us all pleading
rise up, Rise Up, RISE UP!


©Jeannie M Myers ~ 6/26/2019

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Power Outage

This low humidity  
and strong winds taunt me 
while memories 
of November haunt me.

But this is different says PG&E. 
We shut the power off for your safety.

So I’m drinking warm water. 
Black coffee and oatmeal will do 
til ‘lectricity restarts my fridge 
and my A/C comes back on too.

In the meantime  
I’m repotting my plants 
and I’m trying to be grateful 
that this time PG&E took no chance


©Jeannie M Myers ~ 6/9/2019

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Am I Ready?

Oh, such a grand love affair we had
Our time together was rich and good
Not one thing ever seemed bad

We lived together for sixteen years
Never doubting, never wondering
Our deepest love contained no fears

Then one morning the dawn was dark
The sky was black and ominous
Destruction followed one spark

He left me then, in a whirl of flame
Stealing every single thing I owned
My heart would never be the same

Such devastating loss, oh how will I heal?
With so much ripped violently away
I must be dead, I’m numb, I cannot feel

Then time begins its healing march 
and life begins to restore my heart
Upward, onward, in a rising arch

Now there’s a new love on the horizon 
promising beauty and serenity
But how do I know it’s not a con?

Dare I open my heart to a new abode?
How much grief can one soul hold?
Am I ready, or will I implode?

Absolutely ready,  
I’m in love with my new home!


©Jeannie M Myers ~ 3/19/2019

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Camp Fire Christmas

Wondering, wondering,
nothing’s the same
What’s Christmas this year?
Is it only a name?
Where is my spirit
to honor that day?
Seems that my grief gets
straight in the way
Celebrate what?
The loss of our home?
The tears and the questions
now where do we roam?
Can I find me a way
to look beyond now
to a future with hope
that we’re OK somehow?
That life will restore
whatever’s been lost
and Christmas is real
even when tossed?
A glimmer of faith,
fear might yet abate!
Remember the LOVE
and we’ll all celebrate!

©Jeannie M Myers ~ 12/23/2018

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Layers of grief

Layers of grief keep reminding me
again and again the way it was then.
My creative efforts over the years
now replaced by abundance of tears.
Hand-drawn portraits of family and friends
sculpted torsos and faces so real.
Necklaces, earrings, dozens of those
lovely creations before the fire arose.
Layers of grief assaulting us all
mementos of loved ones cease to exist.
The home that is gone will never return
and inside my heart the flames still burn.
But layers of grief I’ve known it before
and I thought then I’d never recover.
But tears and time do eventually heal
the deepest of wounds that we feel.
So be here now and walk the walk
just one hour, one step at a time.
Breathe deeply, allow the pain.
Someday the sun will shine again.

©Jeannie M Myers ~ 12/11/2018