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Am I Ready?

Oh, such a grand love affair we had
Our time together was rich and good
Not one thing ever seemed bad

We lived together for sixteen years
Never doubting, never wondering
Our deepest love contained no fears

Then one morning the dawn was dark
The sky was black and ominous
Destruction followed one spark

He left me then, in a whirl of flame
Stealing every single thing I owned
My heart would never be the same

Such devastating loss, oh how will I heal?
With so much ripped violently away
I must be dead, I’m numb, I cannot feel

Then time begins its healing march 
and life begins to restore my heart
Upward, onward, in a rising arch

Now there’s a new love on the horizon 
promising beauty and serenity
But how do I know it’s not a con?

Dare I open my heart to a new abode?
How much grief can one soul hold?
Am I ready, or will I implode?

Absolutely ready,  
I’m in love with my new home!


©Jeannie M Myers ~ 3/19/2019

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