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Layers of grief

Layers of grief keep reminding me
again and again the way it was then.
My creative efforts over the years
now replaced by abundance of tears.
Hand-drawn portraits of family and friends
sculpted torsos and faces so real.
Necklaces, earrings, dozens of those
lovely creations before the fire arose.
Layers of grief assaulting us all
mementos of loved ones cease to exist.
The home that is gone will never return
and inside my heart the flames still burn.
But layers of grief I’ve known it before
and I thought then I’d never recover.
But tears and time do eventually heal
the deepest of wounds that we feel.
So be here now and walk the walk
just one hour, one step at a time.
Breathe deeply, allow the pain.
Someday the sun will shine again.

©Jeannie M Myers ~ 12/11/2018

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