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Jeannie Myers

In late 2000 Jeannie Myers left her executive suite job in the San Francisco Bay Area and established Genie With Design, her own graphic design and administrative support business. After moving to Northern California’s serene foothills, her professional interests evolved in a more creative direction so she expanded her offerings to include hand-crafted jewelry and clay sculpture.

Jeannie has explored a multitude of art forms since her earliest childhood years in rural Wisconsin. Starting from those first pencil sketches of figures, faces, and local pastoral scenes, to pastels and oils; from wheel-thrown pots and hand-built sculpture; from graphic arts and website design to hand-crafted jewelry items, her artistry has continued to evolve.

As a jewelry designer, Jeannie Myers draws on her inborn, well-honed artistic talent and her meticulous approach. She aims to satisfy her customers’ personal jewelry desires with beautiful, artful, unique, and comfortable-to-wear creations at affordable prices. Jeannie sells her jewelry on the Genie With Design website, at local craft shows, and on Facebook.

As a sculptor, Jeannie works with a variety of high-fire clays, building mostly human-related forms. Her inspiration is drawn from the fertile ground of “real life.” Great artists with a particular influence are Auguste Rodin, Beniamino Bufano, and Norman Rockwell. Jeannie’s sculptures express a sensitivity and strength in their execution and has been described as possessing a unique “hallmark.” Her work has been displayed in shows and exhibits in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Northern California.

Jeannie Myers is also a wife and mother, poet and occasional songwriter, photographer and videographer, grower of African violets and Japanese maples, jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, mountain dulcimer lover, and spiritual/philosophical student and seeker.

On November 8, 2018, the Camp Fire devastated the entire town of Paradise, including Jeannie’s home and all inventory.  The rebuilding and recreation process is challenging.

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