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I knew him once
a long time ago
in a previous life
at least it seems so

I do have memories
both pleasant and not
and much of our time
together I’ve forgot

A mixture of joy with
some ugly thrown in
never did we lose
and never did we win

A partnership that
never should have been
just a rebound thing
but I didn’t know then

It ended with confusion
and excruciating pain
I wondered if I’d ever
get rid of the stain

In the world’s big picture
was he a fine human being?
I still do not know
will time aid my seeing?

Yes, I knew him once
a long time ago
I learned he just died
I’m glad that I know

Perhaps now I’m able
to gain closure ’bout him
and now that he’s buried
all the memories will dim

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 12/28/2016

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