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Reality by the Hour

2:00 PM:
Isolating in my room
I can sense impending doom
The sky is falling I am sure
for all the evil there’s no cure

3:00 PM:
I step outside and breathe some air
and smell the flowers in my care
Sunshine and a sky of blue
transform my fundamental view

4:00 PM:
So what’s illusion, which is real?
I seek a way this split to heal
Reality’s shifting by the hour
and tricks me with its schizo power

6:00 PM:
The human that I’m born to be
has inbred limits on what I see
but hidden within my soul I know
the true reality, just let it flow

9:00 PM:
Relaxed and fed, I’m feeling free
The night is safe, it’s meant to be
I listen deep inside and hear
You’re one with all, no thing to fear

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 4/15/2016

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