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I Can’t Tell

I cannot tell for sure what’s true
nor what is right or wrong to do
It seems no matter how I try
I’m always left to wonder why

I still can’t tell for sure what’s right
nor decipher what is black or white
I always thought by now I’d know
through my intent to learn and grow

I still can’t tell for sure what’s real
nor recognize what’s meant to heal
Sometimes a death sneaks up on me
I’m left to grieve, how can this be?

Oh, will there ever come a day
when I can see the natural way
and move beyond what’s wrong or right
and embrace my path without a fight?

Oh, will there come some peace of mind
when a higher light has clearly shined?

And maybe things will all make sense
only when it’s all past tense?

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 6-3-15

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