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Eleanor May (I Miss You Mom)

Just one more slice of quiet time
Can I help you with your shower?
Can I read another Country story?
Can I have just one more hour?

And then I’ll trim your fingernails
        put powder on your feet
I’ll microwave a ripe banana
        that you love so much to eat

Let’s go out for a little walk
        and breathe some cool fresh air
Then perhaps a cup of coffee
        and some popcorn if we dare

I took for granted all these times
        and sometimes hurried through
Those little visits, one by one
        when it was only me and you

If life just had a redo button
        if I only had that power
I’d knock again upon your door
        and I’d ask for one more hour

Oh, I promise I’d be present
        wholly with you in the Now
I would listen to you from my heart
        to the Love in you I’d bow

Instead I’m left with memories
        that reappear each day
So many moments speak your name
        I love you, Eleanor May

© Jeannie M Myers ~ 7-7-2012

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