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Welcome to the virtual studio of Jeannie Myers. On these pages you may view a variety of my unique, hand-built, high-fired clay sculpture pieces. At this time, no items are available for purchase.

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 From the "DecoTorso" series:

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pieces from the

"Jolie w/Wings"
16 in. tall

"Annie Oakley"
13 in. tall

18 in. tall

"Pinto Babe"
13 in. tall


 Faces, Vases, Figures, and Other:

9 in. tall

"Elegant Fear"
9-1/2 in. tall

"American Beauty"
12 in. tall

"Worn Out"
9-1/2 in. tall

10 in. tall

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pieces in the
Virtual Gallery

"Sun Mask"
9 in. tall

"Man on Deck"
10-1/2 in. tall

"Happy Face"

"Mother & Child"
9-1/2 in. tall